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What about training

What is vocation really, how do you define it , and will we, if only we know it, realize it?

How do we fulfill our vocation - the gap between our lives today and the life we ​​would like to live.

The area of ​​genius - case stories of people who discovered their area of ​​genius and from there the path to fulfilling their vocation was short. relatively🙂

Inner work - the mistake we all make in our approach to inner work

A little about me

My name is Yuval Rodan, and I have a wealth of experience managing global companies using a distinct method, I call 'programming the subconscious mind,' which blends principles of Quantum Physics with traditional management practices.
I've honed my skills in 'programming the subconscious mind' and Quantum Physics under the guidance of global esteemed mentors like Yehudit Milo, Bob Proctor, Fraidy Margalit, Elimor Henig, Maia Vardimon, and others.

Over the years I realized that there is no more powerful way to fulfill the mission than to find out what is the quality with which we came into the world, and to understand that exactly there lies the "key" to a life where we do more of what we really love, are good at and that comes naturally to us.

And how exactly do I do it
The zone of genius - our innate quality

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How do you do that

This is exactly what I am talking about in the tutorial, step by step


The Secret of the Universe

If you tell me what you want to achieve, I will teach you how to achieve it.

Let the Journey Begin

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